About Us

Real people. Real quality. Real pubs

Think of us as the backdrop for your life's best moments.

Whatever the occasion, our pubs are designed to bring people together. It's about human connection at its finest, fueled by delicious food, refreshing drinks, and good company.

Where it all began

Our story began in 2001, we were recent graduates from university life when the Great British pub scene was undergoing a seismic shift. Gastropubs were making a wave in the industry, and we saw this as an exciting opportunity to pursue. Fuelled by youthful enthusiasm, university friends Mark Robson and Mark Williams drafted a business plan (believe it or not, on a beer mat!) and, with a combination of borrowed funds and sheer determination, the first pub, The Half Moon, was purchased.

Founders Julian Clarke, Mark Robson and Mark Williams, 2012
Winning at The Publican Awards, 2018

A steep learning curve

By 2004 we had already learnt so much and our appetite was growing. This was at a time when Facebook was a fledgling start-up, Tony Blair was in Number 10, and smoking indoors was still a thing. This era marked the birth of Red Mist Leisure.

We were choosy in our acquisitions, growing a portfolio of 12 fantastic rural and town-centre pubs, celebrating our successes, learning from our mistakes, and garnering multiple awards along the way. This journey, full of ups and downs, provided us with an invaluable wealth of experience and opportunity.

A big decision

After 18 successful years, we made the bittersweet decision to sell our award-winning pub company. The business had grown to encompass 16 pubs, a dream we were proud to achieve, but it had also strayed from our original vision, our "North Star". It had become too large for us to maintain the close connection and personal touch we cherished.

By 2022, the pub industry itself was facing significant challenges. The economic climate had taken its toll on the whole industry and the headwinds were often blowing in the wrong direction. Recognising this shift, we knew it was time to refocus on what truly mattered to us.

This is why New Dawn Pubs was born...

Charity Challenge, Hadrian's Wall, 2018

A new beginning

In June 2022, with a carefully curated selection of pubs, we were excited to return to our core passion: creating vibrant destination pubs that engage all the senses. The mouth-watering aroma of delicious food and drink, the lively sounds of laughter and conversation, and the warmth of a bustling pub filled with relaxed, happy communities.

Our Promise

We've learned a lot on our journey. Through it all, we've held onto what truly matters – for you and for us.

To cherish being independent, ensuring our customers reap the benefits

We only serve fresh, quality ingredients, ensuring 100% traceability

Champion our British producers and local suppliers, if we don't use them, we'll lose them

Human connections are everything; we bring people together over quality food, drink and surroundings

Our teams are our secret recipe; we attract great people, we invest in them, and we look after them, always

Enjoyment is contagious, you'll always be in good company with us

Now you know our story, we'd love for you to spend some time getting to know us in real life, by visiting one of our pubs...